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Comb Foundation, to use or not to use

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Comb Foundation, to use or not to use

Got my hive, got my supers, got my bees. Everything is basically ready to start in the spring. My question is about using foundation. I'm going to use a langstroth hive (10 frame) and I know that I want to harvest both honey and wax, with a press. Should I use the plastic foundations that came with my frames or not.

It's my understanding (plz correct me if I'm wrong) that using the foundation makes it easier on the bees ( gives them a starting point) as well as makes it easier on me checking the frames as the comb is better supported. But not using the foundation makes it easier to see into the cells as well as harvest the comb to press the honey and save the wax. I know that I can "support" the comb with wires/something else, so is a plastic foundation even worth it? I've also found in my research that sometimes bees just don't like the plastic foundation at all, is this even really that big of a problem.

I plan on only harvesting from my honey supers, and not from the deep brood area. It's my understanding that I should replace the comb in the brood area every couple seasons so the bees can freshen up the wax and I can do this a couple frames at a time. Should I use foundation for brood only and go foundationless for the honey or keep it the same across the board?

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