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Collect honey from a pesticide-poisoned hive?

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Collect honey from a pesticide-poisoned hive?

I just lost both hives, both were strong and healthy then dead in a week. This is my first year at a new home. My bee mentor helped me diagnose the hive death as pesticide poisoning. About 10 cups or more of dead bees on the bottom board, and sick bees tend to leave the hive so not varroa. Mites and beetles usually kill slowly. Bees left 2 deep boxes each full of honey, and it’s early winter so not starvation. Too many bees for freezing, and hives were insulated. Several bees found with tongues sticking out. We live in west Michigan around apple orchards, and my wife told me they sprayed a week ago or so. So, yeah pesticides poisoning. Question is, they left 4 deep boxes full of honey. Can I collect and save it? Surely pesticides sprayed on apple trees could kill bees and be fine for humans? I am sure if I asked the farmers they won’t say what they use and if it kills bees.

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