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Clever names for honey business?

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Clever names for honey business?

I’ve begun harvesting honey and plan to sell it (I gifted it last year). I’m struggling coming up with a name. A farm hosts my bees so I don’t want to use the farm name. I could use the name of the city but other local keepers label their honey that way, even if it isn’t the name of their apiary. It’s near a river but there’s an apiary nearby that uses it. Should I not worry about the fact the area is used so widely when naming honey?

I used NewBee when referring to my bees last year. I also fought with my HOA about having bees. Maybe I should call it NIMBee Honey? I’m still salty about the experience (it was my fault and I accept that; I would not accept the way they treated me and then talked about me).

Any ideas?

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