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Cleaning old plastic brood frames. What works and doesn’t?

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Cleaning old plastic brood frames. What works and doesn’t?


I have been having a challenging time cleaning my old plastic brood frames. I am wondering what others have tried to clean them once the old comb has been taken off to get the cruddy bits out of the bottom of the cells. I'm reluctant to throw them out and buy new ones as some fellow beeks have suggested to me.

I use a steam mop but this is quite laborious. I've tried a water-blaster (power washer) but this seemed to get me wetter than the frame that I could no longer see because of the water jet.

I bought and old dishwasher and set this up outside- It only "worked" on the heavy cycle where there was direct spray from the water jets touching the frame and the dishwashing powder made the remnants into a white soapy jelly like substance that had to then be cleaned off with the steam mop.

I have tried soaking in boiling water then scrubbing and have tried soaking in methylated spirits and soaking/scrubbing as well.

Has anyone else tried any other chemicals or methods that worked or didn't?


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