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Cleaning a dead hive?

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Cleaning a dead hive?

TLDR: One of my hives collapsed. How do I clean up the mess left behind?

So, I went out this afternoon to check one of my hives and see if they were ready for a second super yet this spring. Unfortunately, I noticed immediately that something was wrong and my concerns were proven when I got everything open. I guess they just didn’t survive the hard winter we have had this year. Oddly enough, the younger hive 5 feet away is perfectly healthy and happy.

The inside of the hive was a total mess. Brood comb was totally empty and black. I pulled all the pieces apart and left it all nearby just in case my other hive wanted to salvage any leftover honey, but I don’t know how to clean up anything.

The one super was fully capped and FULL of honey. I at least salvaged that. One of the heaviest I’ve ever picked up.

Or, should I just toss the frames and start over when I get a new swarm?

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