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Central Texas: is it bad I’m still feeding?

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Central Texas: is it bad I’m still feeding?

Hi, first year of having a hive. Several weeks ago I got very concerned about this size of my hive, the drought and temperatures here in Austin. I’ve got one super one and the ladies weren’t close to filling it up. My plan had always been to leave all the honey for them this year.

I’ve started feeding 1:1 because of my concerns and they are sucking it down. I’ve got two boardman entrance feeders. I’m not using quart jars because I don’t have any that are narrow mouth. I’m filling these up once a day! (Which is easy since they are in the yard and I don’t have to open the hive.)

I did put just water in one of the jars for a few days and the ladies were not interested. I’ve also put water out on the other side of the yard they never took to it. This was at least 20 ft away.

Anyway, giving the conditions here is feeding like this still the best plan? I’d hate to lose the hive in the winter…


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