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Caught two swarms in one week!

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Caught two swarms in one week!

Looking for some information on a happy situation I find myself in….

We have two Langstroth hives in West Michigan. We lost both hives late in the winter (likely Feb/March) and my wife promptly delivered twin girls at the end of March. As a result of that and the pandemic, I failed to get new package bees or even process the remaining honey. I’ve been letting it slip for months and months with every good intention of getting out there to address the empty hives.

Last week, the property owner shared that there are honeybees back! Awesome! We have a large apiary 1 mile to the north, so possibly refugees from there. I waited a week before inspecting. Both hives looked pretty settled and happy.

Each hive is setup with two deep boxes on the bottom board, a queen excluder, a shallow super, and a shallow box with moisture-reducing cedar shavings/cheesecloth. The new hives have already been very productive, filling the top supers up to 75% and even building comb in the space underneath the cheesecloth.

  • My question is how should I move forward with this hive? I would like to remove the over-winter humidity supers and replace with another super for them to continue storing honey.
  • Should I be concerned at all about disease? I’m not entirely sure what killed off the old hives but weather was pretty abnormally warm.
  • Assuming they make it through the winter, would it be OK to still harvest honey from these hives next spring?

Thank you in advance.

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