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Caught my first swarm

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Caught my first swarm

First time bee keeper here. Bought a single 10 frame hive a few months ago then another 2 level a few weeks later. I added a second box over the single. Not sure which one has split but this morning there was a swarm in a nearby tree. Luckily I was prepared with a new hive full of frames and wax ready to go. So I got the bee suit on and went out there to have a go. I only know what I’ve read and watched on youtube the last few months but being an Australian figured She’ll be right mate! Anyway I managed to get most into the hive and the rest followed in not long after. About an hour later I had a new single hive sitting beside the other two. It’s a warm day and a lot of bee activity from the other two. The new one is quiet. Small numbers at the entrance and no in/out bee highway like the others. Is this normal? I am assuming they are getting used to their new home. Will they stay? Is this officially my 3rd hive? It all seemed a little too easy hence all the questions and concern.

Thanks in advance

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