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Caught a swarm~ 3 weeks ago and might have killed the queen.

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Caught a swarm~ 3 weeks ago and might have killed the queen.

Long time lurker and have no idea what i am doing in Houston Tx area. Caught a swarm ~3 weeks ago in an old deep box i was lent as a swarm trap that i had been putting lemongrass oil in for two seasons. Long story short is a swarm moved in and i got super excited. Bought the basics and another deep that wasnt half rotten. Today i went in to move the bees into the new box. They had built comb under 3 of the completely empty frames and had not touched the 7 foundation frames in the box. All 3 frames were connected and as i tried to separate them half a frame of comb fell off. The bees went from chill to PISSED. i took off the wonky comb and placed 3 frames ~ 50 drawn into my new box along with 6 frames of new wax coated foundation and an internal feeder. All of that to say i saw no queen or eggs or brood. All i saw was nectar and drawn comb. I am super pumped about the possibility of raising bees and bummed because financial restraints require me to catch a swarm and not buy, and i am pretty sure this swarm is queenless. I did see drones which might give me hope she is a virgin and out on a flight. I hope i didnt crush her with the dropped comb. Any advice or critcism is wanted and appreciated.

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