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Inexpensive Dupe for Varroa Easy Check Container!

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mite check container from ikea

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Why do we mite check?

Noob here. One thing I can’t figure out is why the mite checks. If we need to treat for mites if we have too many mites, can’t we just skip the mite checks and just treat? Is it too expensive? Does it hurt the bees? Why don’t we just skip right to treating? submitted…
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Chicago, USA mite treat your hives now

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Researchers working overtime to take fight to varroa mite

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What kind of oxalic acid product do you use for mite treatments?

I've seen a variety of products, both powders and liquids. What's your preference, and what method of treatment do you use? submitted by /u/TheJazzProphet [link] [comments]


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Treating for Varroa in Layen style Hives

I am interested in understanding how others are treating for mites with the Layen frames touching each other besides OA treatments. I’m in my second year and have only used OA vapor to treat submitted by /u/gunner951 [link] [comments]

Are my varroa mites that low or did I just do the test wrong?

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