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New swarm in a frenzy getting into the catch box

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Swarm saved and removed from a tree which was collapsing.

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Swarm split 1

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Swarm split

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Catching a Swarm, UoG, pt1

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What would you have done?

My problem: Today (10/13) I went to quickly check on a hive I last inspected on 10/2. There were plenty of eggs and larva observed, but behold(!) – two queen cells. There were two others on another frame. I didn’t get around to marking this hive’s queen, and didn’t want to keep the hive open…
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Twice in as many years I've had a colony cast out a tiny, tiny swarm that sets up in a nearby branch. Both times, the 'beard' was about the same volume as a baseball.. way way smaller than wild swarms I've caught. Does anyone have anything to offer regarding this occurrence? I'm motivated to catch…
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What to do with frames after freezing

I lost my hive to hive beetles. I froze the frames but now I'm not sure what to do with my frames. I saw some Bees snooping around my old hive. Should I put the frames back in the hive for a swarm? submitted by /u/A500miles [link] [comments]