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Silly question time: is there any harm in feeding sugar syrup I let simmer long enough to caramelize a bit?

I got distracted, the syrup has a light brown tinge. Any harm giving them this? ​ EDIT: WHOAH. Thank you for saving me from disaster! submitted by /u/quietlifeintheforest [link] [comments]

100 degrees this weekend…

Can’t believe it’s getting this hot so early in Austin! I guess I can believe it with climate change. 👎 I picked up my nuc a couple of weeks ago and so far they seem to be doing fine. Been feeding 1:1 sugar syrup every couple of days. The brood box is mostly in the…
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Agressive New Colony. Any ideas?

Hi all! 2n'd year beek from Colorado here. I lost my colony this past winter, so I bought and installed a new package of bees and a new queen about a week ago, and I gotta tell ya, these bees don't seem to be very friendly. The ladies are in a single deep with standard…
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Can I do a sugar shake with an alcohol wash test kit?

submitted by /u/scentofsyrup [link] [comments]

When to stop feeding sugar water to new colonies?

Newbie question. I have two new colonies about three weeks old. I’m in a warm climate. When do you stop feeding new colonies sugar water? Is it possible to over feed them sugar water? submitted by /u/joshuanaaa [link] [comments]

Did my sugar syrup caramelize too much?

submitted by /u/kknallay [link] [comments]

How long does sugar syrup last?

Can you make it days in advance and store it? What is the best way to do so? submitted by /u/Fun-Dentist-2231 [link] [comments]

What is this white sugar substance?

submitted by /u/lunacyfoundme [link] [comments]

sugar dry vs syrup

Is there anything wrong with offering both syrup and dry sugar? submitted by /u/curbyjr [link] [comments]

Can I use a medium as a feeder rim?

The feeder rims I use are two inches tall so I can't fit that much sugar in there (about 4 pounds). I was thinking I could fit a lot more sugar if I use a medium, but that would mean the bees have more space they have to heat. Would it be worth the tradeoff?…
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