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We are grateful you are here

Packing sugar crystals for the ride home.

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Giving my balcony bees inverted sugar.

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No hate bees leave me alone

I really think bees are cool and I’ve been stung only once – but like them despite being scared of them. But they are busy ruining my life – constantly coming inside and getting stuck in windows. I have scooped them outside carefully with a spoon and even given some of them sugar who seemed…
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Caffeine and sugar for some local gals

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fall/winter feeding

I'm reading multiple sources online saying that the fall and colder months require a 2:1 sugar syrup but I am curious what happens when the temperature here in canada hit -10c and syrup freezes. Most food sources will be rock hard in an hour outside in january/february here. How do we feed the bees then?…
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What do you guys feed to your bees other than sugar syrup and why?

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tired bumblebee

Hey there, So i found this bumblebee who looked like it was exhausted/about to die. I brought it home, put it on some flowers i have in the garden and tried to give him a tiny amount of sugar water. He doesn't seem to want the sugar water. But now a day later he's still…
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Formic Pro arrived expired

I ordered Formic Pro from a supposedly reputable company in June for a fall mite treatment and I just now pulled the bag out of the box to discover that it expired in July, less than two weeks after I ordered. And here's the kicker, I didn't get the shipment until the 2nd week of…
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When to stop feeding?

How do you personally decide they've had enough sugar water in the fall? submitted by /u/fresasfrescasalfinal [link] [comments]

In what proportion do you guys mix water and sugar?

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