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New England beekeepers… how’s your spring going?

Hey, CT zone 6a here… just touching base with some other locals because it's been a weird spring. It's not until this week that temperatures will be consistently above the 50s. Don't even get me started on what happened to my premature vegetable garden transplants. My spring buildup has been WAY slower than previous years.…
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Anyone heard about "adapted" brood chamber?

I had my first colony the last weekend. It came from a Swiss beekeeper who is using the "adapter brood chamber" system (in German: "angepasster Brutraum"). Basically with this system the site of the brood nest can be "limited" with "shields" (no idea of the english term, it is basically a frame made entirely by…
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Nectar transfer

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Queen DOA in nuc, no fresh eggs

Looking for advice on how to approach this. I received a nuc this morning. I inspected frames as they came out and saw that they were backfilling nectar in the brood nest and I saw no fresh eggs. Some young larvae. Looking for advice – how do I broach this with the seller? The nuc…
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What fruit tree do bees like the most?

For those of you that have fruit trees, what species do you see your bees visiting the most? Which one offers the most nectar and pollen? submitted by /u/scentofsyrup [link] [comments]

Super warm weather, what should I do?

So the weather has been sunny since January 1, and my bees have been out since the 15. Because of the super warm winter they haven’t really used all of their winter stores. January 20 they started to bring pollen from a giant patch of heather. They’ve recently started drinking water from the watering troughs,…
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Air Pollution and Pollination

Scientists find there are 70% fewer pollinators, due to air pollution Air pollution significantly reduces pollination by confusing butterflies and bees, lessening their ability to sniff out crops and wildflowers Insects provide pollination of important food crops and native wildflowers, but researchers sought to understand how air pollution affects different pollinating insect species, of which, some…
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How do you handle bees in monsoon season when there is no nectar flow?

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