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Having issues rendering wax

Hey y'all, I was gifted some old hive boxes I'm restoring but the brood wax is incredibly dark and I'd prefer to not reuse. My question really is, how long do I need to boil this stuff to render the wax out? I've tried a few times, usually doing 6 frames of the dark honeycomb…
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Looking for a training platform that lets you evaluate the contents of individual cells

I was doing some research last Spring and came across a website that trains you on how to individually evaluate a cell. These were close up pictures of honeycomb with open and closed brood, resources, diseased larvae – really anything that might exist in a cell. I believe it was an attempt at crowd sourcing…
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Found Honeycomb

Hey guys! So I just found a dried out honeycomb hanging on a tree and I took it home. Was wondering what I could do with it. Any suggestions? (Edible?, make candles, etc.) https://preview.redd.it/1r9isi52u5681.jpg?width=1536&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=ca5c96c3580ca868e12a4cb3186d70bd2b42855e submitted by /u/LeadingNotice3 [link] [comments]

So beautiful the way they setup their honeycomb

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Don’t change the honeycomb!

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Why Are Honeycomb Cells Hexagonal?

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The bees need to move it or lose it !

So I’m in Victoria, the power pole at my house is full of bees the power company is coming in a few weeks to spray and kill them all. Is there anything to get them to leave, move on ? I know they won’t all leave it’s a huge hive with honeycomb, I don’t want…
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