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Big fly-like creature eating my honeybee?

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Honeybee on Linen NW Oregon 07062022

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honeybee hydration station

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Varroa mite has been detected in Australian honeybee hives.

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My mom made me a honeybee nightgown

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HoneyBee Great Day at the Library!

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Foraging Honeybee VII [OC]

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Foraging Honeybee V [OC]

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Foraging Honeybee III [OC]

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Special Saturday – Why You Should Join the Western Apicultural Society

WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THE WESTERN APICULTURAL SOCIETY   Western Apicultural Society of North America, Inc. (WAS) WAS is a non-profit, educational, beekeeping organization founded in 1978 for the benefit and enjoyment of all beekeepers in western North America. Although the primary audience of WAS is beekeepers from the western states and provinces/territories, we welcome…
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