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Found bees in a tree!

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Are these guys bees? Found at the base of a tree in PA

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Does anyone know a way to get swarms to prefer lower locations to land on?

I have had about 10 swarms from my 3 hives this year, and most of them have been unrecoverable due to them selecting tree-tops 100 feet up rather than shrubs or smaller trees. Is there any way I can maybe make any future swarms prefer a lower location to land on? In previous years my…
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CATCH THE BUZZ- AgLab for Science Minded Students

ARS News Service USDA Agency Launches New Site for Science-Minded Students AgLab, a new science-education website operated by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, is now “open for business” to student and educators alike at https://aglab.ars.usda.gov/. AgLab builds on the past successes of its predecessor, Sci4Kids, in educating students about the critical intersect of science and agriculture…
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Pollination In China

By: Mariann Fercsik It’s Not The Bees “With the introduction of China’s Home Responsibility System in the 1980s, the farmers of Hanyuan County in Sichuan Province found it economically beneficial to replace their rice paddies with fruit orchards. The mountainous slopes of the region lent themselves well to fruit production, particularly pears, for which Hanyuan…
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A tree behind my barn is very active today✌💚🐝

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Polinating my Tangelo tree

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