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Good flowers for the bees 🐝 First timer here.

My niece wants to plant some flowers to attract bees to help them get food and save the planet. She’s just learning about these things at school. I promised to help build a section of the yard with flowers dedicated to her helping the bees. What are safe flowers for young children and good pollinators…
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Two main effects of Kyminasi Plant Booster

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Asian Giant Hornet Dissection / Zoom

  An Asian giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia The Asian Giant Hornet UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Join us August 19 at 1:00 pm EDT for a video of the Asian Giant Hornet being dissected, followed by a live Q&A with experts and scientists. Follow USDA ARS on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information about this event, and to submit your…
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CATCH THE BUZZ – Lawn to Wildflowers Online Presentation

Free Lawn to Wildflowers Online Presentation Join us at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 9, for a free webinar with Dr. Nash Turley (above) of the University of Central Florida. Dr. Turley will introduce Lawn to Wildflowers, a community science effort focused on converting lawns to pollinator-friendly wildflower habitat while engaging the public in collecting…
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CATCH THE BUZZ- Pollinator Habitat in Utility Rights-Of-Way

Ecologist receives grant to study pollinator habitat in utility rights-of-way Findings will help power companies promote ecosystem health in landscapes set aside for electric power delivery lines Northern Arizona University Image: Clare Aslan, Associate Professor and Co-Director of The Center For Adaptable Western Landscapes in Nau’s College Of The Environment, Forestry, And Natural Sciences, Is The…
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CATCH THE BUZZ- Scotland’s Plan to Boost Biodiversity

Scotland plans to protect 30% of its land to boost biodiversity. The new laws will help safeguard Scottish biodiversity and the natural economy, which has been valued at around $39 billion The Scottish Government has announced plans to protect 30% of land, to boost biodiversity and tackle climate change. The natural economy of Scotland is…
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If this is a dumb idea please tell me.

I want to remove all my tall grass (about an acre) and replace it with creeping thyme. 1. So I don’t have to mow the lawn. 2. So I can feed the bees. Is there any other plant I should consider? submitted by /u/mostaveragedude [link] [comments]

CATCH THE BUZZ- Oregon Pollinator Project Underway

Pollinator Project Underway By: Cheri Brubaker – Posted Dec 3, 2020 Mary Ehly, left, and Mila Niemi work to place native plants attractive to pollinators, the first phase of the Pollinator Restoration Project underway along the 25-mile stretch of Highway 101 from the Yaquina Bay Bridge to the Lane County line. The first phase of the…
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