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What are the BEST DROUGHT resistent plants for my future bees to Collect Pollen on Fall and Winter?

I live in a mediterranean climate with a lot of pine trees, rosemaries, thymes, olive trees, etc. I will probably have bees next year and I would like to buy seeds of some plant that's gonna produce a lot of flowers (preferably on fall and winter) and that is completely resistant to drought and cold…
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June is National Pollinators Month

June is National Pollinators Month By TERRY THOMAS Native pollinators and native plants go together like butter and toast. May they always be around to fill our hearts and feed our bellies. It seems that there is a national day, week or month to commemorate and/or draw attention to just about anything you can think…
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Bees living in the soil of one of my plants

Hello everyone! I’m asking for advice about what I should do with two bees that have decided that one of my outdoor houseplants will be their new home. I’ve counted two bees that have been going in and out of my plant and they keep flying off to somewhere and coming back with little pieces…
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Does anyone know a good source to find different pollen colors associated with plant species?

I’ve always been intrigued by blue pollen so I’ve been looking up plants that produce blue pollen but I also want to make sure that they’re indigenous to my area (CA). I haven’t found a good source for such information, does anyone know of a site that could help with this or does anyone know…
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Plant varieties for short/dwarf meadow?

I'm looking for recommendations on plants varieties under 60 cm or two feet that I can use to attract bees. submitted by /u/reallysimpleguy [link] [comments]

My Antihonon leptopus plant attracts a ton of all kinds of bees

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What are some hardy native wildflowers I can plant for bees in Raleigh NC

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Growers and Beekeepers….Biologicals

  Why More Produce Growers (and Beekeepers) Should Get on Board with Biologicals By David Eddy Consumers are clamoring for sustainably grown products, which is interesting in that many may not know what sustainability actually means, at least in terms of farming. But then again, does anyone? I was reminded of that difficulty recently in attending…
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