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Resting on a flower

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Wild flower garden.

Hello. I am looking to plant a 1/4 acre of wild flowers for my bees. Will round up kill my bees if I spray the area? Has anyone on here put in a large wild flower garden? Any tips? Thank you. submitted by /u/SoreFuckingElbow [link] [comments]

Electrostatic Pollination

  Effect of electrostatic force on mechanical pollination in greenhouse crops Many flowers are morphologically adapted to take advantage of electrostatic forces during pollination. Hence the application of electrostatic force in non-contact type mechanical pollen collection has been gaining more importance since most of the mechanical pollinators are contact in type and cause mechanical injury…
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Fava bean flower

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Buckling of Flower petals to Attract Bees

Mechanical buckling of petals produces iridescent patterns visible to bees by Kathy Grube, University of Cambridge Flowers are employing a materials science phenomenon typically associated with failures in structural engineering to produce exquisite three-dimensional petal patterns to lure pollinators. In civil engineering “buckling” is a dirty word with the buckling of beams and columns leading…
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