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Left honey in a hot car

So I was at Disney world and didn’t really plan ahead and realized I’d have to leave a couple of jars of honey I bought a few days back in a hot car for about 10 hours. I got back and it wasn’t terribly hot but I have heard heat can mess up honey, and…
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BeeCastle Honey Extractor Event

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how long can you keep honey in a super once removed from the hive?

If the super is securely wrapped in Saran wrap out of the reach of bees or wasps? Just until it gets extracted properly. submitted by /u/bangbangskeetskeet-1 [link] [comments]

First batch of honey!

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Thin Honey

My hive absconded a couple of months ago and I just got around to see what was salvageable. I had maybe 6 frames of clean capped honey. Some was regular consistency but most of it is very thin. This was all natural, no sugar supplementation. What's the deal? submitted by /u/Industrial_Jedi [link] …
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Mite explosion in 2 weeks

We installed a new nuc in spring and did 6 weeks of apivar. Pulled it on July 3rd Immediately after mite count was 1. Checked it on July 30, looking great. Mite count was 1. Drawing comb, making honey Today, combs of dead brood and deformed bees. Agitated bees and expelling drones. Mite count 30!!!!!…
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Checkmate and Honey

I put a single checkmite strip attached to cardboard and facedown On the bottom board of my hive in may to get rid of hive beetles. It was supposed to be in there for no more than 45 days but I forgot about it until just now. I harvested honey from the top super today.…
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Have any teachers extracted in the classroom before?

Hello, I will be a new Montessori teacher this fall in a 1-3rd grade classroom. I am also a beekeeper and will be harvesting honey in late September. I was thinking about bringing in my manual extractor so kids could see the process and turn the crank themselves and I’d let them all bottle a…
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Honey question

I have a single hive and due to being really busy lately haveN't gotten a chance to check on the hive in three weeks. I check the hive today and there was some free drawn comb above the inner cover that is all honey. Is this safe to eat, and if so, what is the…
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Bees have slowed drawing comb?

I’ve had bees now for about 4 months. The swarm I captured and hived was roughly the size of a football, maybe a bit smaller. The drew comb at about 1 frame a week, from foundation to brood. They filled 7 of the 10 frames before I added the 2nd brood box. It’s been nearly…
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