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So many mites, this hive is almost certainly doomed

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Do wild bees reuse hives after each winter?

There's this dope huge beehive near my apartment. It's now getting colder in New Jersey so I don't see any occupants. I want to take this hive to decorate my man cave. But my heart won't permit me if the bees will reuse it next spring. Does anyone have knowledge on this matter? Thanks in…
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Losing 1 hive, still got 7

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Hive stand question. See photos for questions

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Too late to add a brood box?

I live in north Alabama and have a hive with only one deep brood box. I’d like to add another, is it too late? Will it be bad to add it even if they can’t use it? submitted by /u/AppFlyer [link] [comments]

Maybe a stupid question

Ok I'm taking the leap and I'm gonna start keeping bees. I'm super excited and making all the plans and learning all that I can before spring. I'm looking around my property for the best location to put the hive(s) and I think I found it. It's flat, drains well when it rains, has direct…
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