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Two angles of my indoor observation hive.

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What temperature is too low for me to take the top off my hive?

I've heard 50 degrees is the low, if I take the top off when it is 60+ but it will get slightly below 50 in the evening is that ok as well? submitted by /u/Striking_Average253 [link] [comments]

Colony won’t accept queen

I split one of my hives early on the season and put a new queen in. After a week I went back in and the queen had emerged from the cage but there was no evidence that she was still there. I waited another week and introduced another queen. There were still no eggs when…
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Question about starting beekeeping. I found a hive that needs to be moved.

I have been researching beekeeping for a year and there is a hive that needs to be moved this week. I’m looking at getting supplies at trying my hand at beekeeping. There is a hive in a tree that needs to be moved. The hive has been partially cut open in the tree trunk. I’m…
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My hive gets hit by my neighbor’s sprinkler. Do I need to do anything?

For context, my neighbor has a sprinkler that stands a few feet above my hive, about 20 feet away from the hive. It hits my hive from the 10 or 11 o'clock position (when facing into the hive). I also have my hive "inside" of a pine tree so a lot of the water is…
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New package, how long to capped brood

I installed a new package of bees into an old hive with old drawn comb that wasn’t the cleanest a week ago. When I got the package most of the syrup was gone and the queen wasn’t in her cage, the cork was sideways. Tonight I did the first hive inspection but didn’t see a…
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no hive traffic

I was away for a week and came back to a hive that had no forager traffic. I assumed they swarmed while I was gone. Two weeks later I finally got some free time and wanted to investigate what had gone wrong in the hive. See if there were any pests in there, etc. I…
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How do you crush less bees?

Hi everyone, first year beekeeper here. I have this problem where when I lift the cover off my hive the bees LOVE to congregate on top of the wall facing the sun. Which is great because it makes it easier to check the frames, but the problem is when I go to put the top…
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