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new queen from a split.

For the first time I've let my robber guard stay on while breeding a queen. I checked in to no eggs and a rather plump queen. Is it bad timing or am I preventing her from doing a mating flight. Theres no eggs, no worker brood, no drone brood. But she appears to be mated…
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Would you feed drone brood to chickens while you were using apivar?

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Drone larvae or queen?

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cutting drone brood is important

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I found my first queen cells

I got my first ever package of bees two months ago. Each week, I've been giving them a gallon of sugar water and they've done so well that I've given them a second deep that they've started drawing out. Today, during an inspection, I found drone brood and two queen cells in the middle of…
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What to do with laying worker brood frames?

I've got a colony with laying workers. This colony swarmed about three weeks ago, there were several sealed queen cells left behind, so I let nature take its course, and one of the queen cells was uncapped at the next inspection. It appears that the new queen never returned from her mating flight, because now…
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Found a cyclops drone

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Drone comb. Chicken style.

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Drone or supercedure cells?

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