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3D printer comb patterns?

Hi all, hopefully this is allowed, but happy to remove if not. Has anyone used a 3D printer to produce combs? If so, please could you let me know where I might find a model? Thanks. submitted by /u/Devvanx [link] [comments]

Metling of Beeswax Cheescloth method

I have ever melted a comb before and after lokling at some youtube videos I saw the cheesecloth method. However today was my second attemp it seems like I only get dirty water from the beeswax can the water be too hot? submitted by /u/VermicelliSalty [link] [comments]

Cute cross comb

submitted by /u/Sacred_Beeometry [link] [comments]

Question about old frames and comb

I didn’t use para moth and now I’m seeing the evidence of some larva in the comb. Is there a way to save the comb? Or should I scrap it and have them build fresh? submitted by /u/kuipers85 [link] [comments]