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Why would the bees build comb like this??

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Should my bees drink a quart of sugar water in hours?

I’ve noticed that my small colony (a few frames of brood now, working on what looks like their first mostly resource frame) continues to grow (caught it in late May) but comb production is slow. After some reading I’ve decided to start feeding a 1:1 mix to encourage comb building in hopes of getting them…
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Can I reuse this comb?

So we harvested for the first time last week. After finishing we set the boxes out to let the bees rob them. I then came down with Covid and couldn’t get out to bring them in. It rained for several days. Now some of the comb is clean, but some of it is growing stuff.…
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Fresh cut comb

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Wood Frame Replacement

The recommended replacement time for comb and foundation seems to be between 3-4 years, but what about the frames? Do you wait until they are damaged to replace them, or do you swap them out when you remove the comb? Are old frames bad for colony health? submitted by /u/Gimme_Some_Water11 [link] [comments]

Problems with wonky comb?

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Cleaning crushed comb.

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Burr Comb Extraction

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Todays inspection: My bees are finally drawing comb on the new foundation

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