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Beeswax Candle-making

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Rig for rendering beeswax in the oven

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Anyone sell beeswax? Or know where i can buy REAL wax?

As title says, i dont trust amazon or websites because lots of people are saying it might be fake or adulterated. Also what should i pay per pound? Looking to make my own candles. I am in the northeast USA submitted by /u/danzig14 [link] [comments]

First beeswax candle ever

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Rendering beeswax into molds.

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How much beeswax? Beeswax question.

Hi friends. Ill be building two top bar (its easiest, most affordable, and most interesting to me) hives in February. I am choosing to make them out of food grade barrels for reference. How much beeswax would I need to coat the interiors of both, and have some leftover for the top bars? submitted…
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Sweet patterns in cooling beeswax

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