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Discover Beekeeping – A Beginner Beekeepers Guide

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Wondering if anybody has played this beekeeping sim yet?

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LD50 value and Texas news story of man killed being stung

I read a story of a worker killed after being stung potentially thousands of times while unable to escape attack. When going through my beekeeping class we were taught about the LD50 value and how the number of stings based on body weight affects your effects up to and including death. My estimated LD50 is…
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Can I buy carnional queens this late in the season over mail?

We are new to beekeeping. We got two nucs earlier this year. It was all going fine and then we got hit by a tornado. Thankfully we didn't get much damage but our beehives got knocked over and got rained on. We think our queens either died or left because we aren't seeing any new…
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question about propolises effectiveness in different forms.

i am just getting slowly into beekeeping and keep reading about fantastic qualities of propolis. while i was cleaning frames and prepping hives i collected some of it and really liked chewing it. my body literally said “yes, thats the shit, get some more”. been chewing few grams or more of it every other day…
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Fun Pictures from my day of beekeeping!

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Advice welcomed

Hello everyone!! 🙂 My family is thinking of starting beekeeping on our farm in Oklahoma but have no idea quite where to start. We have done some research on what we are going to need to start but are not sure how to actually make the whole set up happen. Any advice on how to…
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Update and question

My update: I posted about my chalk brood almost a week ago and today I had a mentor come over and help me sort through things. We found my queen and decided it was a strong enough colony to not only split but also make a strong nuc out of it. All the credit goes…
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