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[Beginner] Once you buy bees, does the colony sustain itself through reproduction or do you have to buy more?

I’m just starting beekeeping. Do the male drone bees mate with the Queen and produce enough bees to make up for the deaths or do you have to buy more bees as you go submitted by /u/apdixon11001100 [link] [comments]

Any experience with BeeWeaver Breed?

So we just moved to this sweet piece of land and I'm pretty determined to try my hand at beekeeping. From what I've been reading, varroa mites are a horrible problem here (gulf coast, united states). These guys claim to be immune to them. Anyone tried it? Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/scrottiemac…
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Gifts ideas for the avid beekeeper

Hey! My boyfriend's dad is super into beekeeping. I think he has ten colonies (hives?). I'm brainstorming for Christmas presents and want to get something in the $40-80 range. Is there anything that I could get him that would he useful and nice, but not super basic that he already has? For more info, it…
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What is one tool that you wish were invented for beekeeping?

submitted by /u/thingrottenindenmark [link] [comments]

Observation an important beekeeping practice

https://youtu.be/tlGR6hAquFM submitted by /u/SwarmHabitat [link] [comments]