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Any beekeepers in the Catskills area? NY

Hi there, I'm planning on moving to Catskill area from Hartford County(CT) in the next 6 months and was wanting to make friends with some local beekeepers there. I took classes at Rutgers and am technically a certified beginner beekeeper and used to be a member of the Oakland beekeepers association a few years back.…
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How should I prepare for winter?

I am a new beekeeper in Virginia and I am wondering what steps I should take to prepare for winter? Any help is appreciated, thanks! submitted by /u/Spenzei [link] [comments]

Can I keep bees in my backyard? Advice? (Inglewood/Los Angeles)

Hi all! I’m located in Inglewood/Los Angeles area and I was looking for advice. My beekeeper friend in Iowa is wanting to drive his bees to keep them here at my home, in the backyard, for the winter. Is there anything I need to do to register with the city/county? Are there any guidelines I…
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to smoke Propolis?

I am a beekeeper, today a customer asked me if propolis could also be smoked. I have no idea. Does any of you know? (I don't mean burn incense but smoke) submitted by /u/Honigmann13 [link] [comments]

Bees and moss

My grandma has a hut in the mountains with a fountain, next to the property a beekeeper has beehives. The fountain is wooden and sometimes overflows on the edges, hence it is moist and some moss grows on there. The bees are carzy for that moss, or the water in the moss, they don't go…
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Will bees migrate if location of nest is sealed off

Our neighbor sealed off cracks in a wall where bees were coming in and out of. They said they've had this issue for years and have decided to cement the cracks, effectively sealing any entrance to their colony. There is a large mass around the fence and I am wondering if they will leave on…
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