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New beekeeper got an accidental colony… Help?

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My little beekeeper🐝🐝🐝🐝

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Rudy Gobert is a beekeeper 🍯 🏀

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Marked queen’s abdomen instead of thorax

Hi everyone. I’m a new beekeeper, very excited, but just doing the best I can. Now several weeks after installation, I marked the queens of my two hives today. The first queen I got paint on her wings, the second queen I marked her abdomen, not thorax. She also “played dead” after the experience for…
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Opinions on HopGaurd Strips for Mites?

So I’m a beginner beekeeper, and I’m looking for ways to treat for Varoa mites. I saw those HopGaurd3 strips online, the website says they are natural and they look pretty simple. Does anyone have experience or opinions on these strips? submitted by /u/MyFartSoTart [link] [comments]