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What size extractor for 1 beehive with 10 frames?

Hi my dads in Australia and just very recently got his first beehive. He needs an extractor and I want to get him one for Christmas, he suggested a 2 or 3 frame extractor. I’m thinking of getting the 3 frame one but I’m not sure if that’s overkill because I read online that a…
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Motion activated Halloween Beehive “loud buzz”

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The beehive shuffle?

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How can I keep a beehive in my backyard when my lawn needs to be mowed?

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Beehive tracker cost?

Hello to all. Facing so much theft/vandalism here in South Africa, we decided to program and install trackers on some hives, but I am curious if anyone has bought any and what was the cheapest reliable module they had found? submitted by /u/236oxo [link] [comments]

Entry level beekeeping: anatomy of a beehive

I'd love to dip my toe into beekeeping but despite the reading I've done on the subject im no closer to understanding about beehives. I would like to make my own beehive, and whilst i feel my woodworking skill is up to the task I do not understand how they put together and what the…
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