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Mentorship advice.

Hello all, I just ordered the book Backyard Beekeeping by David Burns, to begin learning about bee husbandry. I'd like to do some mentorship under beekeepers in my area, do any of you have advice on what to look for in a mentor? Any input would be much appreciated, thank you for your time. …
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Bee removal along the beach

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What is this bee doing? Is this pheromone fanning?

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Demand for Honey Reaches All-Time High

USDA REPORTS DEMAND FOR HONEY REACHES ALL-TIME HIGH In USDA Sugar and Sweeteners Report, honey consumption totals 618 million pounds for the first time Erie, Colorado,– U.S. honey demand reached an all-time high, according to the latest Sugar and Sweeteners Outlook report published by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In a special article…
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Experience with BeeWeaver bee strain?

I have two hives. One from a questionable seller that he said are Italian, and the other from a seller who said they are beeweaver. Both started as 5 frame nucs, with the beeweaver started a month after the Italians. I got a late start on them because usps reasons with my first package, and…
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Gold bee keeping 😅

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Bee Tower Continued.

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