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Plant Compound Helps Virus Infected Bees

  Plant Compound Helps Virus-Infected Bees Find Their Way Home By Ruairi MacKenzie A plant-derived compound helps bees beset by a colony-ravaging virus overcome the cognitive effects of infection and navigate their way home, suggests a new study. The widespread death of honey bee populations around the globe has caused great concern to scientists and…
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Indiana Honey Bee Expert

    A conversation with Indiana’s top honey bee expert A honey bee forager cleans herself on a flower FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Indiana’s pollinators are working overtime on Labor Day to gather every last bit of pollen and nectar they can. Relatively soon, the frost will put an end to the foraging season…
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Equipment question

Spending the winter getting stuff together. So far I have 2 brood boxes completely set up and painted. Planning on 2 colonies, so I'm trying to decide for my next trip to the bee shop what else to get. I was thinking 8 medium supers and 100 frames and foundations for them, just to have…
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starting bee keeper question

hello im new to bee keeping i dont even have a hive yet but i would love to start i understand that starting is the pricey part but how much dose it cost to maintain bee hives? submitted by /u/spicyduck001 [link] [comments]

Propolis Research: Practical Information for Modern Beekeepers and their equipment

Some of you may see me reference Marla Spivak [2 links] from time to time, when the topic of bee propolis is mentioned. The University of Minnesota, where Marla is faculty, has been teaching beekeepers for over 100 years and she focuses much of her efforts on the propolis envelope of resin collecting bees. I…
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Half white bee

I was near my hive and saw a strange looking bee. I snapped a few photos and noticed she was half white. I did a quick Google search and couldn't find any info. Has anyone seen this before? Should I be concerned? https://ibb.co/NThC4Hy https://ibb.co/26YtGpY https://ibb.co/thxdNKj https://ibb.co/wwT6Xc2 https://ibb.co/yQ7z3kY https://ibb.co/mCwr8sr submitted by /u/HoCoMD [link] …
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Bee swarming hummingbird feeder

submitted by /u/ImpressiveGap139 [link] [comments]

Question about repeat stings

Hi y'all! My dog was running through the yard a few days ago and had the misfortune of angering a bee that got her right under her tail. Now it seems like bees are targeting her, she's been stung multiple times! Is there anything I can do to help her out, it seems like she's…
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At Home Beekeeping Series Webinar

The At Home Beekeeping Series continues on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Dr. Keith Delaplane (UGA) will be with us to talk about pollinator partnerships among bee species. We hope you can join us for this free series at 6:30 PM CST via Zoom or Facebook live.   We’re offering beekeepers the chance to attend virtual meetings…
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Queen bee has taken up shop in my letterbox, what should I do?

I came outside this morning to get the letter out of my letterbox and was met with about 100 bees swarming around it, all going towards a hole in the bottom of my letterbox. I think it's safe to assume that a queen bee decided that my letterbox would make a perfect hive, which obviously…
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