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Where do you find your town/county ordinance?

I’m trying to find the apiculture ordinance/regulation in my area but can’t find it ANYWHERE. submitted by /u/Rogue_Artichoke [link] [comments]

An app for smart beekeeping started here in r/Beekeeping

It all started about 2 years ago with an idea and a discussion here in this subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/Beekeeping/comments/b1k2j6/app_about_beekeeping_areas/). Fellow users u/Trusty_Craftsman , u/Super_Civil_Engineer and u/SpareMemes showed their support to the challenge of creating a smart beekeeping app about optimal beekeeping areas. This idea slowly transformed into a diagram, evolved into an interactive web map, continued…
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CATCH THE BUZZ – Roger Morse Hambleton Student Award Solicitation

Lou Naylor, Chairman CALL FOR NOMINATIONS TO: Entomology Departments, Apiculturists, and Apicultural Laboratories  FROM: Lou Naylor, Chairman of the Board, Eastern Apicultural Society of North America  DATE: December 4, 2020  RE: Call for Nominations for the EAS James I. Hambleton Memorial Award; Roger A. Morse Outstanding Teaching/Extension Service/Regulatory Award; and Student Apiculture Award. The James…
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NCSU Apiculture this week – Varroa control

submitted by /u/KweenieQ [link] [comments]