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Carniolan, Saskatraz, Local?

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Carniolan, Saskatraz, Local?

Okay Beeks. This question came sooner than expected. I live in zone 4b and some apiaries are beginning to take orders for the 2021 nuc season, so I feel I'm running out of time.

My current options are a Saskatraz Package, Carniolan Nuc, or local nuc. It seems most people recommend nucs, but packages are more prevalent. As of now a Saskatraz nuc doesn't appear to be an option. I like the winterizing of Saskatraz and most local beeks speak highly of them, but I know packages have more downsides than nucs.

Now I have no issues with Carniolans, but from what I hear in my beekeeper association they don't winter as well as Saskatraz so its something to consider.

Lastly we have the local nucs. My issue is they won't be ready until the end of June/beginning on July… frankly speaking I dont know if my patience can hold out.

Is a local nuc worth the wait or should I go for the "latest and greatest" designer bee package or keep it simple with a more basic bee? If it matters the Carniolans are overwintered in Texas and the Sasks come from California.

I swear I will be out of questions someday.

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