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Can my hives be saved?

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Can my hives be saved?

This year I started 2 packages of bees into 2 deep hives that were fully drawn out and had a few frames of honey each. The hives were from last year when my bees didn’t make it through the winter, I think they froze from moisture in the hive.

Well due to work being crazy busy this summer I haven’t been able to keep a close eye on either hive. Was able to peek in them yesterday and it looks like neither has a queen. The honey is almost gone, there’s no sign of brood any where, there are a few capped drone cells but that’s it. I didn’t see the queens in either hive and the lack of brood tells me they’re missing.

It’s getting late in the season, is it possible to save these hives or am I starting fresh in the spring again?


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