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Can I use packing crates for a hive?

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Can I use packing crates for a hive?

Hi all, I have a tree full of bees in my suburban garden. They seem happy enough but there is clearly not enough room inside the tree for them.

I grow a bit of food for me and I keep a bit of the garden wild. I don’t use any artificial chemicals on the garden so I hope they are safe. They swarmed here under their own power and whilst I did not invite them they are very much welcome, they bring me great joy.

I have foldable wooden packing crates at work that have most recently been used for electric car parts. They measure about 8” high by 2’x2’ ish. They are stackable and can have a floor or not.

  1. Would this be suitable for a hive ?
  2. What should I do to ensure it is safe for the bees?
  3. If I were to place it quite close to the existing hive would they likely migrate or could it cause distress to the bees?

Thanks all!

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