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Can I plug the entrances of my hives for 3 days?

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Can I plug the entrances of my hives for 3 days?

Ridiculous question/situation to be in, and I likely deserve it for lack of preparation but….

We're about to sell our house/property. Originally, I planned on moving all 8 of our hives to a different property across the city. (Columbus, OH USA Zone 6a)

Problem is, it's been raining significantly the past few days, and now I cannot get the pickup truck to where the bees are set up in the back of our property (without destroying the yard, and potentially getting stuck).

We're supposed to have showings at our house this weekend, and the bees are pretty close to the gate of our fence that connects to the back half of our property (People checking out our house have to walk within a couple meters of the fronts of the hives).

In theory, to prevent having potential buyers running into the bees (liability), I was wondering if I could put a mesh screen on all of the entrances when they're all in the hive at night. The weather this weekend shouldn't be too bad.

Further, almost all of them have screened bottom boards and hive toppers on them, so airflow/ventilation should be covered. The one or two that have solid bottom boards might be okay if i used a mesh type screen on the entrance to still allow airflow?

I'm not sure. I feel like a clown typing this out for how ridiculous it is, and it's solely a result of my lack of preparation.

Just wondering if anyone here has any input/advice. I greatly appreciate it.

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