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Can I fog a shed 20ft from my hives?

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Can I fog a shed 20ft from my hives?

Sorry if this is an idiotic question, but I’m really hoping for a solution. I have a shed at the bottom of a hill and my hive is on the top of the hill. I store my chicken food and excess beekeeping supplies in there. The problem is that it is filled with very large wolf spiders. VERY LARGE, and I am VERY scared of spiders. I will only go in that shed in my beesuit on account of the spiders, which means I barely use the space. I have no gripes with spiders, they are useful insects, but I need to be able to go in the shed. If I removed the contents of the shed and bought a little fogging bomb for the inside could it affect my hives? I’m hoping now that it’s winter it would be low risk but I also don’t want to do anything that could mess up my hives. Any advice? (Ps yes I know I’m a total wimp!)

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