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Campsite swarmed by bees. Is there a solution to prevent this?

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Campsite swarmed by bees. Is there a solution to prevent this?

Hello r/Beekeeping, I was recently camping in Southern California in the mountains near Barstow. This was primitive camping in public land, not at an established camp site. I made a huge mistake and opened my cooler full of ice / water / food, and a few minutes later it was swarmed by bees.

I started a fire shortly after, and the sun was simultaneously setting. The bees completely disappeared, probably partially due to fire smoke and partially because of night-time. However, at 6 AM I wake up in my tent to the sound of many bees trapped between the two layers of my tent. Even though I never re-opened my cooler outside for the remainder of the day, the bees DID NOT leave me alone. They were all over the tent, tarp, my stuff, and myself. I made a fire, but it didn't make a difference. I stood in the fire smoke, and the bees were still surrounding me and landing all over me. I ran away from the campsite and they followed me. I didn't put out any food or water in the open, yet the bees wouldn't quit. I endured 3 hours and decided to abandon ship.

Is this area just a lost cause? Is there anything I could do or could have done to prevent such a disaster of a camping trip? I'd rather not spray raid or some bee-killing agent all over myself and my things, and I haven't been able to find a reliable bee repellent online. Without the bee issue, the camp site would have bee gorgeous and peaceful, but it has completely lost its potential. Desperately hoping someone here can help provide a bee-friendly solution.

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