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Brood frame exchange between weak and strong colonies?

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Brood frame exchange between weak and strong colonies?

Two hives: NW Arkansas, apis mellifica, new beekeeper, mentor last kept bees about a decade ago. Newly (semi-neglected) inherited bees!

Started as: Hive #1: 2 med boxes – strong colony Hive #2: 1 deep box & 3 med. boxes – weaker colony

Last weekend we provided the stronger colony with an additional med. box with drawn comb and they’re utilizing all the space. The weaker colony is where we took the med. box from b/c they were not using the space of three med boxes. Noted SHB in both, too much propolis to check colonies at that time.

This weekend we got into them: stronger colony has SHB running from them, weaker colony is co-existing w/ SHBs at the edges of their honeyed frames. Saw ~12 SHB in strong, upwards of 80 in weak colony.

Hive #1: 3 med boxes – strong and expanding, full boxes. Screen bottom board already in place. Green marked queen! She’s from 2019 & thriving. Hive #2: 1 deep & 2 med – Lots of space to fill. Replaced bottom board with screen bottom board. Unmarked queen, she’s present and laying, needs assistance.

Placed SHB traps in both, in Hive #2 removed some ugly unused med comb and replaced with foundation frames.

Totally cool to give the smaller colony a frame (or two?) of capped brood from the stronger? The queen pheromones won’t mess up the exchange?

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