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Brood box filled with honey/nectar???

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Brood box filled with honey/nectar???

My top brood box is FILLED.

This is my second year keeping bees. I think I put my super on too late.. 4 weeks ago I had lots of brood through both brood boxes. Two weeks ago the top brood box had its two middle frames filled with nectar so I added the super. I was hoping they’d move that nectar out of there but they have since filled the entire box with nectar/ most of it is now capped honey, with some very small patches of brood on the bottom of a few. The super is probably about 30% drawn. The bottom brood box has a moderate amount of brood but nothing like 4 weeks ago, and the middle frame had no brood and possibly some nectar in it.

Should I be concerned? Any recommendations on what to do?

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