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Breaking frames?

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Breaking frames?

Heya, first year beekeeper with my first 2 hives. They're both doing really well and when doing my monthly hive inspection, I ran into a little problems with my frames.

My girls are really good at cementing the frames together with propolis! This has been an ongoing issue which sort of peaked this last inspection. When I try to pull a frame to inspect, on several frames I've pulled the top bar of the frame completely off with the foundation and the rest of the frame firmly in place. I've tried separating the frames before hand and that helps, but this last inspection I had about 3 frames full of honey completely fall apart as they were so firmly glued in place. It's problematic as after I get them unglued, when I try to check the other boxes, the weight of the honey loaded deeps will cause the frames to detach from the top bar and and begin to drop into the lower box/bottom board. I'm sure it's how I assembled them which isn't helping, so Im hoping I can get some advice in what I can do to salvage and when I assemble future frames?

Any recommendations on what I can do to help mitigate this problem? When I assembled the frames I drove the nails from the top bar downwards into the side bars, and I can see that may not be enough considering how soft that wood is. but im not sure if I can drive the nails horizontally without splitting the frames. Wood glue perhaps? Anything I can do to salvage these frames? They're just loaded with honey right now so i can pull them temporarily to try and repair the frames.


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