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Boo to sugar

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Boo to sugar

I just finished another cooking episode. This time Carol is cooking lamb, glazed with honey. The whole point to the series is to educate people in how they can use raw honey. I made sure to keep the advertisement part of it to a minimum 😊

I want this to apply to all beekeepers who produce and sell raw honey. I think in beekeeping, it isn’t beekeeper vs beekeeper… It is beekeeper community vs sugar industry. When people bake and make sauces etc right now, their instinct is to reach for sugar. I want to change that.

Even I do it sometimes… I often make rice and beans and recently I bought some sweet sauce to go on it… Then it hit me… I just paid like 6.99CAD for liquid sugar with a bit of red food colouring lol… and I work with bees! You would think I wouldn’t fall for it… but sometimes I do…


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