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Colony in the wall

So I rescued my first colony that was in a wall at a house being redone. It was much bigger than I anticipated It was kind of rush so I did t have enough deep boxes etc 4 days later now I have the box so I went to put it in. Ended up only…
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Sometimes, you get lucky and the swarm settles on a really easy to get to spot

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what notes do you take for inspections?

I'm so curious what others write down, what systems you use (1 notebook/sheet for each hive, table/free)! I think I once saw someone here writing on duct tape that they stuck on the hives and I can't stop thinking about that system, but I just can't find the post anymore (it was a few years…
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‘No-Mow-May’ Let’s Pollinators Play! By Brooke Decker, VAAFM Apiary Program Manager An increasingly popular conservation initiative called ‘No-Mow-May’ is blooming across the nation. This initiative follows the ‘less-is-more’ wisdom we often hear from our parents and is now a popular environmental mantra of the day. By simply eliminating or sharply reducing the mowing of your…
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Are the about to swarm

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Are they about to swarm?

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Observation Bee hive – portable

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Does this honey pattern seem abnormal? Details in comments.

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