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Free Beekeeping Meetings

Hello all, I hope this finds you well! I am a board member for the Essex County Beekeepers Society located in New Jersey. Due to the recent COVID restrictions we've moved all our meetings online. Those meetings have now been posted to YouTube and are free for all. The goal is to provide educational resources…
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bee sting question

as a preface ive been stung a ton of times, I’ve never had an allergic reaction. yesterday I was dealing with a very aggressive hive I got stung twice on my legs and they’ve both swollen the size of my hand. also when I was stung recently on the knuckle my finger swole up massively…
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Mostly white honey bee found in Eastern Washington. Can anyone ID?

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Late summer bottom deep mostly empty

First you’re a beekeeper I’ve had incredible activity in the hive, done weekly checks things have looked good. I hadn’t checked the bottom deep for a month, when I did today it was mostly completely empty of either brood or honey or pollen. The second deep above the bottom deep is full to the brim…
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Remove queen excluder?

This is my first year with 1 hive. I have 1 deep 10 frame brood box, followed by a queen excluder, followed by another deep 10 honey box, followed by a medium 10 honey box. ​ I didn't realize that I should have 2 brood boxes and added the queen excluder during the summer and…
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New beekeeper. Can I give my autumn feed with a super on

First year beekeeping, Advice would be much appreciated. Uk based I am probably a few weeks late starting my autumn feed for my bees. I did a full hive inspection today. I have had a super on for a few months which has mostly comb being built on it, but not much else. I have…
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Hot pepper infused honey?

We just pulled our honey for the year and it is also pepper harvesting time. Does anyone have any successful pepper infused honey recipes they would care to share? I don’t always trust the internet recipies that start with “my cousins friends mother’s neighbour’s friend…” submitted by /u/BaaadWolf [link] [comments]

Found dead outside my hive, should I be concerned?

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