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Better Beetle blasted

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Better Beetle blasted

TLDR I don't like these traps anymore, what's better?
So I've heard the best protection from small hive beetles is full sunlight. I can't really do that on my property. The family member who got me into bees gave me the some of the little plastic 'better beetle blaster' traps. I deployed a couple in both the hives I started from packages a month ago. So far the traps have been kind of a pain in the but to use and have caught a grand total of one beetle. The bees in my better hive glued the traps to the inner cover and when I lifted it to inspect I dumped oil out of the traps right into the hive. there were lots of dead bees and oiled brood cells in the splash and drip areas all the way down the comb of both hive bodies.
So I kind of hate these traps. What are other effective SHB control tools?

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