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Best Practice for Making Swarm Traps?

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Best Practice for Making Swarm Traps?

It's about that time of the year and I am looking to catch a few swarms and add them to my bee yard. I am sure there are a lot of beekeepers looking to do the same so I thought I'd ask a few questions I've been pondering as I make my traps. I decided to go with standard Langstroth dimensions to avoid the potential for a lot of cross-comb on the bottom of taller traps such as found here. Coincidentally that also follow's Tom Seeley's advice for trapping and he said they don't seem to care about dimensions so much as volume. This will also make it easier to transfer them to more permanent hives once they are established. But I can't decide on what to do for frames.

I've read that swarms don't like foundation since it gives them the sense that the space is smaller than it is but I wanted to see if anyone can give me their two cents on the matter. I started 3d printing little starter strips to glue into the frame groove but then I was wondering if I should be wiring the frames as well? I've never gone foundationless for my hives so it is a new process for me. Can anyone tell me if:

  1. Bees care if there is foundation?
  2. If the starter strips are a good idea in the event of no foundation?
  3. If I should also wire my frames up with/without starter strips?

Just trying to set myself up to catch a few swarms and avoid ruining the comb when I move them. Feel free to get a discussion started on everything else swarm traps here as well!

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