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Bees, yes… but queen? Sadly, no.

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Bees, yes… but queen? Sadly, no.

Well, an update from my last post. I was finally able to do a full inspection today on the one hive (of two) that made it through the winter with bees. Unfortunately, they don't appear to have a queen: No brood, no larvae, no eggs. I've got some fondant and a pollen patty in there for them, and condensed the hive down to a single medium super, but obviously I need to re-queen.

So if any beeks in southern NH or northeastern MA have plenty of brood already and are willing to donate a frame or two with eggs to our community garden apiary, I'd be happy to come pick up. And if nobody's in a position to do so, well, I'm going go have to buy me a queen pretty quick here!

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