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Bees won’t leave!!!

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Bees won’t leave!!!

Hello, quick question. I had quite a large hive removed from the wall of my outside shed 3 weeks ago. The beekeeper said he was pretty sure he had the queen. When he was done, there was still quite a few swarming around. He said once they realized their queen was gone, they would just kinda disperse into the wild and find other hives (or something like that). Well……it's been 3 weeks and every since the day after removal, the remaining bees have grouped back up and there is actually quite a few of them. They don't seem to be making honeycomb. And they don't look like there's anymore of them then they were 3 weeks ago. They're just clumped up into one big ball (about half way between a basketball and a softball). Can anyone tell me why they're still here? If they are going to start back making honey, I think I'm going to look into bee keeping. Anyway, someone tell me what's up with them.

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