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Bees won’t drawing out comb

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Bees won’t drawing out comb

This spring I made some splits and bought some nucs. 5/6 nucs are doing great and all have honey supers, the other is terrible. I'm wondering if it's genetics at this point, because they've barely drawn out 3 frames on top of the 5 they had since they were installed. They've repeatedly made queen cells but I'm %90 the original queen is still in there. They've gone back and forth between solid brood patterns and being honeybound is all. The queen has a good pattern when she lays, just not sure why they wont draw comb out at all.

I've also got 3 small splits I made this spring with drawn comb, and as it's late in the year and they haven't taken off but have good queens I was wondering if I should maybe combine one of the splits with a good queen/genetics and drawn out comb to my problem nuc? I'd appreciate some advice on this, because they've stumped me all year. I don't want to add a bunch of drawn frames into a hive with poor genetics if that's what's going on, as my only drawn frames are in my small splits. Thanks innadvance!

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