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Bees trying to make a home or cemetery in my worm farm bin. Advice?

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Bees trying to make a home or cemetery in my worm farm bin. Advice?

Yesterday while I was out a horde of bees decided my DIY worm farm bin is a good place to die or to make a home.

When I came home , there was a bunch of them dead inside my worm farm bin.

Some are still alive.

Pictures are here. https://imgur.com/a/QyZ0BTk

I made the bin's breathing holes smaller in size with strings but this seems to fail to stop them getting inside.

Please advise why these bees think it is a good idea.

How to get rid of them?

I am thinking of burning mosquito coils inside to make them go away.

What kind of bee is it? Typical harmless honey bee , or the dangerous kind?

Thank you very much.


I am in the southern hemisphere.

We are in Spring right now.

Summer coming soon.

I did not have this bee problem during the winter in the last few months.

I left the bin lid open hoping they will go away and they are still flying inside.

Nothing for them to eat inside , just some fertilizer.


Here is another picture of the worm farm bin opened under the sun.

This still hasn't make them go away.


No hive set up. No idea how to manage bees.

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