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Bees swarmed but queen still in hive?

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Bees swarmed but queen still in hive?

My father and I have two hives. I’m away at school and he called to tell me that one of the hives swarmed and is in a tree nearby. Odd time for a swarm as the hives are in Virginia, which makes it the beginning of fall. He wasn’t real comfortable going up to get them, so we called another beekeeper who came and collected the swarm. I was able to make it home this past weekend and when we did a hive inspection, we found both our queens (marked) in their hives. One hive was light on bees and did have some queen cells so I’m fairly certain the swarm was ours. It was a very small swarm. This is only our second season so we are still learning, but shouldn’t the old queen have left with the swarm?

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