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Bees pulling out the dental floss from the hive…

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Bees pulling out the dental floss from the hive…

So today i saw a really funny thing. A few months back I broke off some large pieces of burr comb between the top hive body and the top feeder. They were really substantial pieces, so I fastened them into a frame (without foundation) with dental floss and shoved them into the brood box.

Haven’t checked on the hives in a while because the 🐝 been a little more aggressive lately, but today I happen to see five or six bees working together to pull something out of the hive. What in gods name is that? It turns out it was an 8 inch piece of dental floss covered with wax and propolis. Once the yanked it out of the hive – they chucked it on the ground in front of it. Guess they don’t need that anymore to hold the comb place?

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