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Bees not taking syrup (Central IL, 5b)

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Bees not taking syrup (Central IL, 5b)

I've got a hive that I believe took a hit from some pesticides (bees twitching out in front of hive) and a dearth. In August, they had a pretty full deep and I added an empty medium. Mite count was low (Alcohol wash). The pesticides hit in early september, but it looked like there were still bees out foraging consistently. They last I looked, they have very low stores. I've added some pollen patties, which they've eaten. I've been trying to feed 2:1 syrup, first in a top feeder, then a boardman feeding (opposite the entrance). They haven't taken any of it. Should I add a big candy board instead? I've got another hive that's thriving, should I combine this hive instead?

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