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Bees moved in (I think…)! Now what?

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Bees moved in (I think…)! Now what?

First year bee keeper here in western Oregon. A friend with decades of experience helped me set up a couple swarm traps on my in-laws’ property a few weeks back. I haven’t had any luck with the traps yet, BUT I noticed last Thursday that bees seem to have moved into the box I set up in my yard so that I’d be ready if/when the traps caught a swarm. It’s a deep box with 10 frames of drawn comb. The bees have hung around every day/night since Thursday. Check out the picture!

My friend who answers all my questions is currently out of town, so I haven’t been able to get his advice, and I’m not sure what to do next. I’ve read that I should leave them undisturbed for a week before checking on them. Right now, they’re just in the single deep box. Should I go ahead and add another deep on top? Do I need to feed them? (I have frames with drawn brood comb and a few frames partially filled with capped honey.) Any and all advice welcome while I wait to hear back from my friend!


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