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Bees killing their own queen?

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Bees killing their own queen?

Here is a question for the experienced. Sorry about the poor quality video I was very distracted when shooting it.


I did a hive inspection ready to go in and mark the queen. This hive swarmed recently. I see excellent laying pattern and on one of the first frames spot her.

I go to capture her in a queen trap and one of the springs had come loose and she drops. I spent a few minutes looking for her in the box, and eventually look to the ground.

Sure enough there is a clump of bees there, and the queen amongst them. About 10-15m had past since she dropped.

I rescued her, marked her and put her in the hive. Immediately bees mobbed her, and a clump fell to the bottom of the box. It didnt look like normal behaviour to me, I got a stem of grass and fished the ball of bees to the top. To me it looked aggressive rather than loving.

I have since closed up the box. Should I go back in and cage her? Is it too late (30-40m ago 1225pm). Why would they turn on their own queen?

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